Medical Research Institute Held Accreditation Session on Principal Investigator (PI) Appointment
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On the morning of September 6, the appointment session on principal investigator (PI) inside school was held in the No. 2 conference room of Medical Department, with 16 applicants participating in the recruitment defense.

Someevaluation experts outside school were invited, including academician Wang Hongyang, professor of Second Military Medical University and director of the Medical Department of National Natural Science Fund Committee, professor Zeng Musheng, vice president of Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Center, and professor Wang Wei, vice president of Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Experts from Wuhan University were also invited to attend the session, such as executive vice president of Wuhan University and director of Medical Department, professor Feng Youmei, vice president of Wuhan University and dean of Medical Research Institute, academician Shu Hongbing, dean of Science and Technology Development Department, professor Li Pingxiang, dean of Renmin Hospital, professor Tang Qizhu, dean of Hospital of Stomatology, professor Bian Zhuan, Dean of College of Life Sciences, Professor Song Baoliang, and deputy director of Institute of Virology, School of Basic Medical Sciences, Professor Yang Zhanqiu.

Through secret ballot, the evaluation experts group determined eight applicants to pass the assessment. The Institute would sign a part-time PI agreement with the applicants. It is reported that the Institute has introduced five full-time professors in the past one year, and will continue to introduce approximately 20 outstanding young and middle-aged outside scholars in the next five years.

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