MRI won NSF for Distinguished Young Scholars and Outstanding Youth Science Foundation
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The 2017 National Science Fund programmes revealed its outcome recently. Prof. Guoliang Qing and Prof. Haojian Zhang in MRI were honored as NSF distinguished young scholarsand outstandingyouthscience foundationrespectively.

Both of them have made outstanding achievements in their research fields.

Prof. Qing’s team focuses on the regulation of cancer cell metabolism. He has published researchesin numerous internationally well-known journals, including Nature Biotechnology, Cancer Cell, PNAS, which were cited for more than 350 times. Besides, one of his invention patents has successfully transferred to the famous Takara BiologyIncorporation.

Prof. Zhang’s team focuses on tumor biology and cell biology. He has published a number of papers in prestigious journals, including Cell Stem Cell, Nature Genetics, Blood, PNAS, and Molecular and Cellular Biology etc, which were cited for more than 400 times.


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