Double Lake Biomedical Grand Lecture Series No.6
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On 6th November 2017, Prof. Yi-Tao Yu, who comes from Univeristy of Rochester was invited to attend Double Lake Biomedical Grand Lecture Series in MRI. and presented a report “RNA-guided RNA pseudouridylation and gene regulation”.

Yi-Tao Yu is a professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of Rochester Medical Center. He received his Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University in the United States and was a postdoctoral fellow at Yale University School of Medicine. His main research areas are the mechanisms of pre-mRNA cleavage, snRNA modification of the splicing and so on. Prof. Yu has published several high-level papers and reviews in some internationally famous journals such as Cell, Nature, Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, Nature Methods, Nature Protocols.

After the report, Professor Yu held a lively discuss with Prof. Guoliang Qing, Prof. Haojian Zhang, Prof. Qiang Chen in MRI and Prof.Yu Zhou in College of Life Sciences. The graduate students also actively expressed their own opinions.When the seminar ended, Prof. Yu also exchanged ideas with PIs in MRI, hoping to cooperate with them and expressing the good wishes for the co-development.


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