Double Lake Biomedical Grand Lecture Series No.10
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On March 26 2018, Prof. Qin Shen from School of Life Science and Technology of Tongji University was invited to participate in the “Double Lake Biomedical Grand Lecture” giving a speech, “maintenance of neural stem cells from the embryo”. Teachers and students from Wuhan University Medical Research Institute, College of Life Sciences and School of Basic Medical Sciences also actively took part in this wonderful academic exchange activity.

Prof. Shen has engaged in the research field of  fate determination of embryonic and adult neural stem cells, homeostasis and stem cell micro environment interactions. She has obtained a series of research results with international influence. She has won the “Outstanding Young Scientist Research Paper Award” and “Women Neuro-scientist Career Development Award” and has also been selected for the top three “Neuroscience Award” sponsored by “Science” magazine. Prof. Shen has published several articles in such international leading magazines which includes Science, Cell Stem Cell,  and Nature Neuroscience.

The content of her speech  was warmly appreciated by teachers and students. After the report, Prof.Shen and Prof. Yan Zhou, Prof. Wei Jiang and other graduate students of MRI conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions. They also talked about further cooperation as well as the goodwill of common development.


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