Double Lake Biomedical Grand Lecture Series No.12
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On May 14, 2018, Prof. Hong-bin Ji from Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was invited to participate in the “Double Lake Grand Lecture series” and conducted a speech entitled as  "Adenosquamous carcinoma of the lung". "Differentiation and drug resistance" academic report. Professors and students from Wuhan University Medical Research Institute, School of Life Science, Basic Medical College, Affiliated People's Hospital and Affiliated Zhongnan Hospital actively participated in this wonderful academic exchange activity.

Prof. Hong-bin Ji received his Ph.D. from Shanghai Biochemical and Cellular Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2000. He did postdoctoral research at Harvard University from year2000 to 2007 and has been working at the Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cellular Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences since year 2007. Prof. Ji  has  engaged in the study of the molecular mechanism of lung cancer for a long time and found new key oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes, laying a theoretical foundation for individualized treatment of clinical lung cancer. He successively published more than 100 papers in the world-class magazines including Nature, Cancer Cell, J Clin Oncol, PNAS, etc. 

After the report, Prof.Ji and Prof. Kai Jiang, Prof. Guoliang Qiang and other graduate students  conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions. They also talked about further cooperation as well as the goodwill of common development.

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