Publications in 2014
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1. Qin Y, Zhou MT, Hu MM ,Hu YH, Zhang J, Guo L, Zhong B,Shu HB*(2014). RNF26 temporally regulates virus-triggered type I interferon induction by two distinct mechanisms.Plos Pathog.10:e1004358.(IF=8.1)

2. Zhou Q, Lin H, Wang SY, Wang S, Ran Y, Liu Y, Ye W, Xiong XZ, Zhong B,Shu HB*,Wang YY*(2014). The ER-associated protein ZDHHC1 is a positive regulator of DNA virus-triggered, MITA/STING-dependent innate immune signaling.Cell Host Microbe.16:450-61.(IF=12.2)

3. Shu HB*, Wang YY*(2014). Adding to the STING.Immunity.41:871-3.(IF=19.7)

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