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 Lab Address: Bldg. #8, Room #1126

                       Medical Research Institute

                       Wuhan University

                       Wuhan, Hubei Province, P.R.China. 430071


 Phone: +86 13628627281





University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, USA

Advisor: Dr. Gail Johnson-Voll




Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Advisor: Dr. Chul-H ak Yang




Inha University, Incheon, Korea



present -



Medical Research Institute, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China

*Research Area: Chemical Biology

*Research Topic: Understand the mechanism of non-canonical translation (PAINT), Dissecting the mechanism of drug’s action, Discovering new small molecules

09/2018 -


Assistant Professor (Research)

College of Pharmacy, University of Utah

*Research Area: Zebrafish Chemical Genetics ‘Discovering small molecule modifiers’

*Research Topic: primordial germ cell, RNA regulation, chemical biology, cancer research

04/2018 -


Research Associate

College of Pharmacy, University of Utah

Advisor: Dr. Randall Peterson (Dean of College of Pharmacy)

*Research Area: Zebrafish Chemical Genetics ‘Discovering small molecule modifiers’

*Research Topic: primordial germ cell, RNA regulation, chemical biology, cancer research

12/2016 -


Research Fellow

Division of Cardiology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Advisor: Dr. Randall Peterson

*Research Area: Zebrafish Chemical Genetics ‘Discovering small molecule modifiers’

*Research Topic: primordial germ cell, RNA regulation

12/2010 - 2007

PhD Student

Department of Pharmacology and Physiology, University of Rochester

*Research Area: Neurodegenerative disease, Molecular and Cell biology

*Research Topic: Study of Protective Effect of PPARgamma on Huntington’s Disease

2007 - 2004

Graduate Assistant

Department of Neurobiology, University of Alabama-Birmingham

*Research Area: Neurodegenerative disease, Transgenic mouse, Electrophysiology

*Research Topic: Role of Usp14 on pathogenesis and synaptic function in ataxia mice

2003 - 2001

Research Assistant

Institute of Neuroscience, Ewha College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea

Supervisor: Dr. Won-Ki Kim

*Research Area: Neuroimmunology, Neuropharmacology

*Research Topic: Effects of the excretory-secretory product of Paragonimus westermani on the nitric oxide production and the cell viability in the primary microglial cell

2001 - 1999

Research Assistant

Struc Biol Center, Korea Institute of Science & Technology, Seoul, Korea

Supervisor: Dr. Yeon Gyu Yu

*Research Area: Biochemistry, Proteomics, Chemical Genomics

*Research Topic: Characterization of Proteins interacting with Doxorubicin using phae displayed method

1999 - 1997

Graduate Student (M.S.)

Department of Chemistry, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

*Research Area: Biochemistry, Enzymology

*Research Topic: Identification of an essential tryptophan residue in the activity of alliinase from garlic (Allium sativum) by Chemical Modification


Biochemistry and molecular biology:

genome editing, cloning, protein expression on xenopus oocyte, mutagenesis, cDNA-library construction, phage-related techniques, protein expression and purification, FPLC, HPLC, GC-MS, MALDI-TOF, BIACORE analysis, isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC), spectrophotometric assays

Cell biology:

cell culture (cell lines and primary cultures such as cortical neurons, hippocampal neurons, cerebellar granular neurons, mixed glial cells, astryocytes, and microglial cells), transfection, RNA extraction, RT-PCR, blotting (western, southern, northern, phage), EMSA, immunocytochemistry, immunohistochemistry, immunoprecipitation, cell death/viability assays, luciferase reporter assay, seahorse XF-24 analysis to monitor cell metabolism, viral-mediated expression

Microscope imaging:

epifluorescence microscopy, ratiometric imaging, FRET, confocal microscopy


two electrodes voltage clamp on xenopus oocyte, field recording in brain slices, whole cell patch clamp, cell attached patch clamp

Animal models:

zebrafish, mouse

Surgical skills:

tissue dissection, rat/mice perfusion, stereotactic injection

Computer languages:

Unix, R, Python; Intro level: Perl, Matlab


04/12/2013 Using CellProfiler for Biological Image Analysis (Broad Institute)

03/06/2013 RNA-Seq Basics (Broad Institute)

12/02/2013 De novo & Genome-guided Transcript Reconstruction from RNA-Seq (Broad Institute)

08/12/2014 GenePattern (Broad Institute)

02/05/2015 Integrative Genomics Analysis with GenomeSpace (Broad Institute)

09/09/2016 FireCloud Workshop (Massachusetts General Hospital)


Certificate: MATLAB Fundamentals by MathWorks training Services 05/2011

Verified certificate: PH525X: Data Analysis for Genomics by edX HarvardX 07/2014



T32 Grant “Cell and Molecular Training for Cardiovascular Biology” 5 T32 HL 7208-38


Massachusetts General Hospital Scientific Advisory Committee

2014 Poster of Distinction Award


Keystone Symposia Future of Science Fund scholarship: RNA silencing


Medical Faculty Council (MFC) Travel Award for Basic Sciences


Teaching Assistant


Research Assistant


Merit Scholarship




Qian Xue for Rotational student

Biological Chemistry Program at the University of Utah



Corina Kotidis for Summer internship

Middlesex High School

04/2013 - 04/2012


Andrew P.W. Gonzales for undergraduate thesis

Dept. of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University

2008 -



for rotational graduate students in Dr. Gail Johnson’s lab

Joshua Allen (2007) from Dept. of Environmental Medicine

Olga Stolpnik (2008) from Dept. of Biomedical Genetics


Teaching Assistant

Dept. of Chemistry, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Instructed general biochemistry and experiments


2012- present

Genetics Society of America

2013- present

The RNA Society

2003- present

The Society for Neuroscience


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1. Youngnam N. Jin. When to PAINT & How to PAINT: A non-canonical translation in early zebrafish embryo. Seminar in Department of Pharmacy. University of Utah. 03/20/2017.

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5. Youngnam N. Jin, Peter J. Schlueter, Nathalie Jurisch-Yaksi, Shao-En Ong, Steven Carr, and Randall T. Peterson. The small molecule primordazine ablates primordial germ cells through a novel regulatory element in the nanos1 3’ UTR. Plenary Session II: Signaling and Gene Regulation, 10th International Conference on Zebrafish Development and Genetics. 2012 (Madison).


(1) C-terminal region protein of the human necleolar phosphoprotein hNopp140 that specifically interact with doxorubicin and their gene.

Inventors: Yeon Gyu Yu, Youngnam Jin, Jaehoon Yu.

Application No.: PCT/KR01/01771 (International patent)

Application date: 10/19/2001

Publication Date: 02/13/2003

Publication No.: WO/2003/011904


Randall T. Peterson

Professor of Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology

Dean of College of Pharmacy

University of Utah

30 South 2000 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Phone: (801) 581-3402


Gail V W Johnson

Professor of Department of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine

Professor of Department of Pharmacology & Physiology

University of Rochester Medical Center
School of Medicine and Dentistry
601 Elmwood Ave, Box 604
Rochester, NY 14642

Phone: (585) 276-3740


Jing-Ruey Joanna Yeh

Assistant Biologist of Massachusetts General Hospital

Assistant Professor of Harvard Medical School

Massachusetts General Hospital
Cardiovascular Research Center
149 13th Street, 4.217
Charlestown, MA 02129

Phone: (617) 643-3580

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